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Motor Guide Trolling Motors at Troutt and Sons Inc.


The trolling motor is one of the most important fishing tools on a boat. If you don’t believe that, just try fishing without one. That’s why MotorGuide’s philosophy has forever been to deliver a reliable and dependable product that is always just as ready to go fishing as you are, from first cast to the last. We have never varied from that belief ever since G.H. Harris developed the first MotorGuide way back in 1961.

But reliability and dependability are only part of the total performance equation. Power and efficiency are just as critical, with neither one being any good for a trolling motor’s performance unless the other is also present. MotorGuide has always strived to deliver the perfect blend of the two. Proof is found in the technology and innovation that first came in our variable speed, pulse-modulation systems, and most recently in our powerful, but super-efficient 36-volt power designs.

New in 2006 - Motorguide takes the Digital Advantage to a new level by adding a Wireless Advantage. The all new Wireless Digital Series lets you take command of the boat, from anywhere in it.

And when it comes to the mounts necessary for holding such power in its place, nobody can compete with MotorGuide’s Gator mounts. Each of the various Gator mount designs deliver a rock-steady performance for their thrust ranges, in sleek and stylish designs that look great on any type of boat. Also in 2006, we have expanded and improved our selection of mounts to offer the finest mounts ever made, including the all new for 2006 Gator Flex 360.

Making It More Perfect. Who says you can’t make the best even better? MotorGuide® and Pinpoint® factory accessories let fishermen customize motors to their own unique needs. And every one is a perfect fit.

Because at MotorGuide, we believe there are some things you should Never Stop doing.
Never Stop Learning.
Never Stop Improving.
And Never Ever Stop Fishing.
Motor Guide Accessories.



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