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For 2012 Yamaha will soon be offering products that have been updated and improved. Here are some additional details.

The F350 will benefit from refinements that improve its smooth, quiet operation and enhance its already legendary performance. Among the changes are a new lightweight integrated exhaust manifold, composite valve covers new, polymer fuel injection rails, and a redesigned knock control system.

Yamaha’s F25, which fits a wide range of applications, all in a compact, easy-to-own-and-operate package, will now have nitro assist tilt for both electric and manual start tiller models: the F25LMHB and F25LEHB.

Finally, Yamaha will give many models a whole new look patterned after the appearance of Yamaha’s latest outboards. Cowl graphics feature a bold lower stripe that emphasizes the “four-stroke” moniker using italic type. The changes are designed to unify the Yamaha family of outboard products. At the same time, Yamaha will begin using its new model code system to standardize the codes across the four stroke outboard line.

Yamaha is dedicated to giving you the most satisfying boating experience you can buy. At a time when you are considering an important investment in family, friends and the rewards of boating, having confidence in the outboard brand you choose is essential. At Yamaha, we take great pride in engineering quality outboards with a proven reputation for satisfaction and reliability - and we stand behind them every step of the way.

The Yamaha F350 was the world’s first V8 5.3 liter four stroke outboard, and completely redefined offshore satisfaction. It’s combination of technological advancements, such as ionic combustion sensors, variable camshaft timing, single electronic throttle valve and dual In-Bank exhaust with power surge chambers, made history, toppled records and inspired boat builders to rethink design and caused offshore fisherman to do a double take. Yamaha now offers the F300, it features the same V8 four stroke design and delivers the same offshore advanced technology, reliability, durability and fuel efficiency as the F350, just in a lower horsepower outboard.

Yamaha rocked the world of boating by introducing the first V6 Four Stroke outboard back in 2001. Since then, the series has only grown in strength. New for the 2009 Year Models is the Yamaha F250 V6 3.3 liter four stroke outboard. A proven pack of solid performers, they provide plenty of power balanced with ultra-low emissions. They are the go to outboards for legendary power to plain, acceleration and top end, not to mention the fuel efficiency and reliability.

The Yamaha F150 and F115 In-line Four Stroke Outboards has it all. Both of these are up for virtually anything, whether you’re hopping the sweet spots, towing a skier or tooling the water.

Yamaha’s full line of midrange power is an impressive and evolving collection of 3 and 4 cylinder powerhouses. Available in a range of horsepower’s, from the newly designed F40 to the F90, they deliver terrific thrust and performance in perfectly sized power for your boat.

Our Portable F2.5 to F20 four stroke outboards weigh as little as 37 pounds and are spunky 1 and 2 cylinder half-pints packed with reliable power and performance. Lightweight and compact, they’re perfect for hopping to shore, skimming the marshes or pushing your small jon boat. Some of the lightest in their class, these little babies pack quite a punch, and that’s what a portable is all about.

From the dream kicker T8 to the beefy T60, these are some of the quietest, most fuel efficient high thrusts you will find. Lightweight and compact, these feisty four strokes deliver twice the thrust of comparable two strokes.

Yamaha jet drives are built for the true trailblazer. These high-powered four strokes can take you places no prop could go - skinny water, white-water rapids, shoals. With no prop or gear case to get in the way, you’ll feel like there’s no stopping you or the adventure from continuing. There also compact, lightweight and clean burning. Our entire line of jet drives from the F40EFI to the F115EFI features fuel injection for dependable starts,  maximum fuel efficiency, and up to 50% quieter. Then add the fact that all Yamaha jet drives carry a C.A.R.B. 3-Star rating for ultra-low emissions, and you’ll want to do some exploring of your own. All Yamaha jet drives also have a Three Year Limited Warranty on the powerhead and a Two Year Limited Warranty on the jet pump for pleasure use.

When it’s all riding on an outboard, you want that outboard to be a rough and ready Yamaha VMAX Series 2. It’s quick as a flash, sizzling fast, surprisingly quiet and amazedly fuel efficient. Hang one of these on the stern and you will enjoy pulse-pounding hole shot, incredible durability, an exceptional Three Year Limited Warranty, and with any luck, a few wins.

A perfectly PowerMatched System is made up of six quality Yamaha components - analog or digital gauges, controls, ignition switches, wiring harnesses, control cables and a fuel filter and you have unbeatable reliability that’s backed by an incredible limited warranty.

Yamaha Reliability Starts Here, Troutt and Sons Inc.From propellers to lubricants and care products to oil filters, Genuine Yamaha accessories are designed specifically to enhance the performance and extend the life of your Yamaha outboard.

Proper maintenance is critical to the continued operation of any engine, and your Yamaha outboard lives in one of the harshest environments imaginable. But in order to do maintenance right, you need to know what to do, when to do it, and what products to use.

Yamaha Marine’s Maintenance Matters will help guide you through the correct maintenance procedures and timing, and the products recommended for helping keep your Yamaha outboard at peak performance. Time spent learning this information now can help reward you with years of trouble-free performance from your Yamaha outboard.


Here you'll find information about the latest products from Yamaha Marine.
 F115 Redesigned  3.3L F200/F225  Portables  FXP Propeller
The F115 delivers on Yamaha’s desire to make each new generation of outboards lighter and more efficient. The new F115 started with the venerable DOHC in-line, four-cylinder 16-valve engine that set the standard for reliability and durability, then added new technologies to make a highly efficient package that’s ready to lead the segment in the industry.

Yamaha’s proven family of 3.3-liter V6 outboards continues to evolve to meet the needs of boaters who prefer a large, powerful outboard that uses a mechanical control box. Now, the F200 and F225 “mechanical” modelsboth use the same powerhead that drives the legendary 3.3-liter V6 F250. Yamaha will give its F9.9, F15 and F20a whole new look patterned after the appearance of Yamaha’s latest, trend-setting outboards. The graphic changes are designed to unify the Yamaha family of outboard products. At the same time, the goal is to better complement the look of today’s newer boats, no matter what the size, make or model.

The new Turbo® FXP propller delivers outstanding results along all measures of propeller performance — hole shot, acceleration, top speed and handling. The FXP is the first propeller specifically designed to address all performance criteria in applications using high
performance four stroke outboards.
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Yamaha VMAX Sho -- Watch this video for more information on the

NEW Yamaha VMAX Sho Outboard Engine



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